Perhaps it’s the seismic span of her finger-tipped-reach or the innate trait of her non-yielding yearning to teach. Maybe it’s the wit behind her withheld from failure or the grit holding her up when life gets down to the nitty-gritty. With a blazing torch of faith and freedom, she blazes through opposition and obstacles and sets ablaze every opportunity that rests at her feet. All the while carrying the weight of women who look at her and look up at her. For her vision paves theirs and the torch she holds… lights their own. When sweet experiences become bitter and near dreams seem farfetched, when connections go their separate ways and the vision appears a blur, she remains unstoppable. She is resilience defined, courage catapulted, determination exemplified and the fear of God founded.

She is Michelle Mc Donald – Multi Business Streamer.

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A Unique Approach to Business 

Our goal is to help individuals regain their financial freedom, live meaningful lives, and build stronger business relationships through the understanding of Financial Literacy, Business Branding, Life Coaching, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.




Financial Literacy Advisor
Brand Ambassador
Business Coach
Wealth Strategist
Life Coach

Who We Are

     In her quest chest are many treasures. Treasures Michelle has carefully stored up not for herself, but for others. To fight fear and slay self-doubt, to extinguish the flames of factors belittling worthiness and rise to a sense of readiness – these she equips others to do. Whether one is ready to launch a business or get an idea running off the ground, this business and life coach exhibits the patience and servitude to see you from start to the very finish. Going above and beyond is the deep-rooted philosophy and a foundational brick of her business. 

“What would Michelle have done?” – a reflection held by all who are so lucky to have been blessed by her words of inspiration and motivation – a source of guidance is for those stuck in failure – a means to put one foot in front of the other and fail forward – a piece of her legacy. Legacy and longevity are the core and backbone of Michelle Mc Donald’s business. With a big heart and even bigger open arms, Michelle welcomes the ready who are set to go on the Quest for Success. Are you?

Bad financial decisions can be affecting you or your business in more ways than you know.

Michelle has expertise in helping clients understand the importance of financial literacy.  Especially those clients that may have credit challenges. She educates on the precept that Cash is King but Credit is Power. The company's goal is to use a professional and methodological approach, cutting through the numbers to educate on Wealth Building, Social Media Business Branding, Marketing, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy. 

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