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Let me take you on a journey filled with research and life experiences. My hope is that one day you are able to use the words on these pages to defeat thoroughly the “Toxic People” in your life.

I often wondered what the key to happiness is.


Am I ready to do this to get rid of toxic relationships and live my truth?

When will I realize that feeling emotionally exhausted after an encounter with a toxic person was unhealthy?

When would I accept that you must meet people in life just where they were?

I started to question myself, will you continue to allow them to intimidate and manipulate you?

How long will you allow their many guilt trips to rock the core of your soul?

Will you continue to accept their backhanded compliments or lack thereof?

Will you continue to listen to their fabricated lies and participate in their quest to divide and conquer?

One day I received the epiphany I was waiting for.

While in a night of unconscious sleep, I was jolted awake. I sat straight up in my bed shoulders square, eyes bright, looking at myself in the mirror across my bedroom, and before I knew it, a blood-curdling scream escaped my lips as I screamed: “enough is enough”.

It is not my job to hold on to the emotional baggage of others, nor is it my job to save them from themselves.

These are not the type of relationships that I want in any area of my life. Be it a personal relationship, business relationships, or friendships.


My daily mantra consisted of several sticky notes across my bathroom walls, my doors, and my mirrors. They all held words of affirmations that only I knew were like chicken soup to my soul.

I was mindful and careful from that day forward not to allow any negative emotions to flow through me. That was the day I decided to drop the baggage, live my truth, and release my fears.

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